Dick Of The Day

Two light crossings previous to this shot, the gentleman driving this car failed to see my indicator showing my intended right turn. This was not surprising as I was at a forty five degree angle pointing in that direction waiting for a pedestrian to cross while he was exiting the opposite street. If he could not see my indicator then he could have at least seen my intention …… but no. He put his foot to the floor and tried to cut me up. I say tried because I was closer to our mutual point of arrival I got there first, again, if he had bothered to look this would not have been a problem. So,…… at the next junction I go to the left lane to go left and he takes the right for straight on or right. He pulls along side me and indicates he wishes to converse…..an apology perhaps? No. I pointed out that I had right of way to which his response was “remember to indicate”. I failed to get in the witty reply about using his eyes that has since sprung to mind. When we pulled off he proceeded to barge me in to the opposite lane of on coming traffic as he had needed to be in the left lane all along. How a pillock such as this can operate a car is beyond me. If you see this guy avoid him.

Richard Cranium


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